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Alicja Motyka

Alice is... is from the land of...magic. The magic of creation has been in her life since I know her... When she creates, she shows the world her idea of the beauty of shape. She has been associated with applied arts and interior design for many years, and she has also taken up carving. It is an honour and ennoblement for me to make her thoughts seem real, participating in the sculpture-making process. In Alicia's sculptures, magic is combined with the perfection of her commitment to each project. Each sculpture is not only a creative act but also a completed task without taking shortcuts or half-measures. To me, Alicja's sculptures are poems written in shape, texture, and colour.
She graduated from the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts
and is an interior, furniture, and exhibition designer.

Krzysztof Szczypiński

Krzysztof is characterised by boundless energy. He is crazy, chatty, and always optimistic. As an incredible, dynamic and creative person, he feels at his best when something is going on at all times. Thanks to his innate wisdom, he can easily find the best solution to any problem he comes across. He is a multi-talented person connecting the mind of a sensitive poet with an enthusiast of modern technologies. By passion, he is a constructor and tinkerer, can create something from nothing, solving problems before others notice them. He is the one who can make artistic visions into works of art, connecting the beauty of artwork with demanding materials.
His talent, experience, creativity make his realisation of designed sculptures unique works of art.


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