Tomasz Lubaszka





"The paintings of Tomasz Lubaszka comprise an encounter with mystery. There are no people, no narration, only strange shapes growing out of endless, monotonous landscapes. Faced with them, the viewer feels like an astronaut from Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey"

– Wojciech Skrodzki


Tomasz Lubaszka is a Polish artist, born in 1961. Lubaszka graduated from Fine Arts and specialized in painting, mainly in acrylic. His creations are spiritual, mostly inspired by ancestral traditions as the artist is able to identify himself by this.

Tomasz Lubaszka exhibits in Poland but also Belgium, Holland and Germany. He received several awards in Poland and also during the Autumn fair in Paris.

Exhibitions & Events

Collective (selected):
1986 Polish Contemporary Painting Festival - Szczecin, Poland
1988 Young Fine Art Exhibition "Arsenal" - Warsaw, Poland
1989 Painting Exhibition. Stadtmuseum - Göttingen, Germany
1989 Sacral Art. Exhibition - New York, USA
1992 "Sacrum" - Sanit Gaultier, France
1993 „Art, the Place of Finding Oneself". SIAĆ, Cracow, Poland
1996 European Sacral Art Exhibition - Lyon, France
1997 Galerie des Parktheaters - Ludwigshafen, Germany
2002 4th Fine Art Festival in Canada, ArtSpace Building - Winnipeg, Canada
2004 Transart - Split, Croatia
2008 Art on the Border. Kunst an der Grence - Lebus, Germany
2011 Galleri Weibull, Vadbeak, Denmark
2011 "AKWE" Exhibition "Malerei ohne Grenzen" – Köln, Germany

Awards and distinctions

1986 All-Polish Painting Exhibition "Bielska Jesień 1986" – Bielsko-Biała - award
1987 All-Polish Painting Exhibition "Bielska Jesień 1987" – Bielsko-Biała - award
1988 National Jan Spychalski Painting Competition for painting - Poznań - award
1989 National Zygmunt R. Pomorski Painting Competition – Katowice - award
1990 Fine Arts Integrations, BWA - Częstochowa - award
1994 II Fine Art Triennale "Sacrum" - Częstochowa - distinction
1994 All-Polish Exhibition "Music in Painting" - Tychy - award
1997 II Autumn Fine Art Salon - Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski – distinction


Early life & Education

Born May 4, 1961 in Lubliniec, Poland. He graduated from high school in Lubliniec where he attended a class with extended curriculum in humanistic studies. From 1980 to 1984 Tomasz Lubaszka was studying in Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa at the Artistic Education Institute. The defense of his diploma in painting took place in professor Wincent Maszkowski's studio in 1985. During the period from 1984 to 1986 he worked in his alma mater as an intern-assistant.


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