Alicja Motyka - Motka

Sculpture Studio

We aim to create unique sculptures with bold forms that blend with modern surroundings. Beyond our own design path, the uniqueness of our offer is highlighted by involving the client in the creative process. This means that we make decisions together about the choice of materials, technique, and color scheme. All sculptures from our collection are created in our own studio, where we work with precious and stainless metals, exotic wood types, and the most modern synthetic materials. Ideas and concepts combined with our experience working with these materials and our workshop capabilities open the way for us to undertake the most daring projects. Our clientele includes both individual customers and designers and architects.

Alicja Motyka

Alicja is... Alicja is from the land of... magic. In her creations, she shows the world her vision of the beauty of form and its place in space... Having been involved in applied art and interior design for years, she has entered the path of creating sculptures. Being able to materialize her thoughts and participate in the process of creating sculptures according to her designs is an honor and a distinction for me.
In Alicja's sculptures, magic merges with the perfection she applies to each project. Each sculpture is not just an act of creation but also a task to be executed without shortcuts or compromises. For me, Alicja's sculptures are poems, only written with form, shape, texture, and color.


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