Kris Szczypiński

Artist Profile

In the dynamic world of art and design, Kris Szczypiński is synonymous with innovation and creativity. With over 30 years of experience, Kris has mastered the art of transforming ordinary materials into extraordinary creations. His journey in the realm of artistic expression is marked by a constant search for new techniques, raw materials, forms, and combinations, making him a unique figure.
Kris's approach to art is deeply intertwined with the latest technologies, which he skillfully incorporates into his work. This combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology allows Kris to continually push the boundaries of what is possible, both in terms of form and scale. His expansive studio, spanning 1000 square meters and equipped with a unique set of tools and machines, serves as the perfect crucible for his boundless creativity. Here, ideas are not only born but meticulously transformed into tangible reality.

Kris's artistic expression is not limited by scale. He is equally adept at creating intricate small sculptures and statues, as well as conceptualizing and executing massive sculptures and installations for public spaces. This versatility not only highlights his skills but also his understanding of space and context, making his works resonate well in both private and public settings.

The objects created by Kris are not just a visual experience; they are an invitation to explore new perspectives and possibilities. His works are not mere objects, but stories told through form and content, inviting viewers to engage and reflect. Whether it's a small, intimate piece or a large public installation, Kris's work resonates with a deep sense of purpose and passion.

For those who wish to collaborate or acquire Kris's work, this adventure is more than a transaction; it's a journey into the creative process and the world of innovation. Kris Szczypiński is not just a creator; he's a visionary who continually redefines the boundaries of art and design.


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